H E Y ,   I ' M   C O U R T N E Y !

I am so excited to get to know you!

But first, I guess you would like to know a little about me.  I am a mom to a crazy, beautiful little girl & a handsome little boy!  I am also a girlfriend to the best dad a girl could ever ask for.  I have two crazy puppies and two sneaky little ferrets. (If I could have it my way my house would be filled with animals.)  I've lived in Maryland my entire life, & currently reside in Harford County, Maryland.  I actually never in a million years thought I would be a makeup artist.  I have always loved makeup and art since I was a little kid but never would have thought to make a career out of it.  I started off going to cosmetology school for hair, (which I absolutely loved and still love to do today) we were given the opportunity to take a week long makeup course.  It was here I absolutely fell in love with the art of makeup artistry.  I never wanted the course to end.  I finished up my cosmetology schooling and started mentoring with my dear friend Nicole, who actually taught the course!  I went on to take many, many classes and joined Nicole's wedding team (which I still take part of today!).  In 2015, I decided to start up my own makeup artistry business and I have been growing ever since!  It has been the most rewarding journey! In 2019, I was given the most amazing opportunity to work for CNN as a Makeup Artist for some of the biggest names in the world! I love every second of it! I absolutely love to create a flawless, unique look for each and every one of my brides on their special day.  Not only do I love the makeup aspect, but I love getting to know my brides.  Even after they marry the love of their lives; I like to keep in touch.  I love to see their marriages blossom and see all of their future adventures that they have in store!  It's amazing!  

S O M E  T H I N G S  I  L O V E

  • Makeup (Duh!)

  • Sushi

  • The Beach

  • Tattoos

  • Animals

  • Margaritas

  • The Baltimore Ravens

  • Crabs

  • Traveling

  • Comedies

  • Pizza

  • Family

  • High End Fashion

  • Wedding Gowns

  • Netflix

  • Amazon


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